Ancillary Health Care

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Course Description


Communications at ABET Level 3

Mathematical Literacy at ABET Level 2

Ability to undertake independent learning


Learners who complete the Ancillary Health Care course qualification:

  • will possess the competence required to perform community health functions under the supervision of a professional health-worker and will add value to their jobs
  • will make the person more effective in his/her tasks and more employable and will open up job opportunities in related fields

They qualified learners will have the fundamental skills required for employment by a range of health, social and other sector employers. They will be in possession of a recognised qualification that will provide a platform for further education and training in a career pathway towards becoming professional health workers.


Qualified learners in the Ancillary Health Care course will provide a service that will assist communities to better manage their own health and wellness. They will have the skills to provide support services within a multidisciplinary health care team.



Recipients of this qualification will be able to carry out their roles within the context of:

Care Giver at Old Age Homes

Private Doctors’ assistant

The clients home

A community care centre

The broader community

Chronic Illness Care Giver