Home Based Care

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Course Description

A qualified learner will be able to:

  • Assess, plan and provide holistic (physical, spiritual, emotional and social) care
    and support for patients and household members.
  •  Capacitate patient and household/family members as participants in the patient
    care team
  • Make appropriate referrals in order to facilitate a continuum of care.
  • Maintain records and reports regarding care and support provided

Working life

You’ll work under the guidance of a healthcare professional such as a nurse and your job will
vary depending on where you’re based. For example, in a hospital you may:

  • wash and dress patients
  • serve meals and help to feed patients
  •  help people to move around
  •  make beds
  • make patients feel comfortable
  • monitor patients’ conditions by taking temperatures, pulse, respirations and weight

In a health centres and GP surgery, you may

  •  sterilize equipment
  • do health checks
  • restock consulting rooms
  • process lab samples
  •  take blood samples
  • do health promotion or health education work

Admission requirements

  • Learners enrolling to do the part qualification (NQF2) must have: A qualification at NQF 2 or Grade 10 schooling.